“Without health, there is no life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness.”

– Dr. Susan Wilder


  • Design your custom wellness blueprint with clear, actionable steps
  • Connect with a community to support and hold you accountable to your wellness goals
  • Stay active with your kids or grandkids free of pain and disability
  • Wake feeling healthy, hopeful, and vibrant every morning
  • Save thousands of dollars by reducing dependence on medications
  • Find joy and contentment in your life, freedom from suffering



Make Like-Minded Friends

We truly believe that community is the most powerful health tool. This retreat is limited to 15 individuals to foster deep and supportive relationships. We are creating a community of people ready to shed the shackles of chronic disease, eliminate dependence on medications, and invest in achieving optimal health while supporting each other on the journey.

Design Your wellness plan

With the support of Dr. Wilder, begin creating a wellness plan that is in alignment with your desires and needs, rather than what you “should” do. This is how plans stick.

Renew your spirit

Restore your mind and body with this transformative health retreat. Get energized and inspired by experiencing what it is like to feel good — physically, nutritionally and emotionally. Learn to become an active warrior for your health. Take this energy back into your daily life.


Morning Positive Intention Yoga & Mindfulness Exercise

Clear your mind and relax your body

Manifesting Brilliant Health Epiphanies

Discover the secrets behind hundreds of patient’s brilliant health breakthroughs

Catered Wellness Lunch

Enjoy delicious foods and foster relationships with like-minded individuals

Health Breakthrough Workshop

Apply breakthrough secrets to guide your body and life through incredible transformations

Guided Meditation Class

Replenish and experience the profound benefits of meditation

Brilliant Health Breakthrough LifePlan

Create your personalized LifePlan and Goals with a one-on-one session with Dr. Wilder


LifePlan to Transform Your Health

Together with Dr. Wilder, you will complete your LifePlan workbook to craft your 6-month plan for living a full, whole, healthy life.

Follow-up & Accountability Program

Schedule 6 complimentary 1-hour monthly calls with Dr. Wilder to ensure you’re following through on your LifePlan and reaping the benefits of a profoundly transformed life.

Dedicated Online Community

Gain access to a private online Facebook group moderated by LifeScape, where you can ask questions and receive ongoing support from medical professionals as well as other like-minded individuals.


Susan Wilder, MD, is the founder and CEO of LifeScape Medical Associates and LifeScape Premier. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Biology and Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and her medical degree from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. Dr. Wilder completed her specialty training in Family Medicine as a commissioned Air Force officer at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. She then remained at Andrews as a faculty member and Assistant Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine and was later deployed to Africa in support of US and international forces in the Somali conflict. Following her honorable discharge at the rank of major, Dr. Wilder relocated to Arizona where she founded the Mayo Clinic’s Family Medicine Residency, served as its first Director of Clinical Genomics Education, and received several honors including “Family Medicine Educator of the Year.”

Dr. Wilder is Board-Certified in Family Medicine, received advanced training in Clinical Genomics, earned a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine, completed a fellowship in Faculty Development at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and attended the Air Force’s School of Aerospace Medicine. She studied meditation with Deepak Chopra, brain health with Dr. Daniel Amen, human motivation with Tony Robbins, and Functional Medicine with Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Wilder has served on the faculty of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. She currently teaches medical students from The University of Arizona and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences.



Sarah McLean

Sarah McLean is a best-selling author as well as meditation and mindfulness teacher who offers provocative mindfulness practices and expansive writing exercises. Sarah has traveled the world seeking insights into meditation. She’s lived in a TM Center, a traditional Hindu Ashram, and a Zen Buddhist training center and even served as the program director for Deepak Chopra’s Center, and the director for Byron Katie’s School.


Morning Positive Intention Yoga & Mindfulness Exercise

Join Dr. Wilder and special guest Sarah McLean at beautiful ‘Promise Rock’ for an hour of eye-opening Positive Intention Yoga. Sarah McLean is a best-selling author as well as meditation and mindfulness teacher who offers provocative mindfulness practices and expansive writing exercises. Sarah has traveled the world seeking insights into meditation. She’s lived in a TM Center, a traditional Hindu Ashram, and a Zen Buddhist training center and even served as the program director for Deepak Chopra’s Center, and the director for Byron Katie’s School.

Sarah brings her renowned talent to Dr. Wilder’s inaugural Brilliant Health Breakthroughs. Her exercises will help clear your mind and relax your body for Manifesting Brilliant Health Epiphanies.


Manifesting Brilliant Health Epiphanies

After an eye-opening hour of morning yoga, join Dr. Wilder in the beautiful Mesquite Room at the boulder resort for your first Brilliant Health Breakthroughs workshop of the day. This first workshop will focus on stories of brilliant health breakthroughs that Dr. Wilder has guided, intentions of the retreat, and setting individualized goals and obstacles for each of the attendees.


Catered Wellness Lunch

Break from your first workshop into a handcrafted and catered wellness lunch on the expansive grill deck. Use this time to find new favorites, converse with Dr. Wilder and the retreat attendees, and bask in the gorgeous scenery. Each meal is crafted with the theme “Brilliant Health Breakthroughs” in mind and will further your understanding of the best ways to fuel your body.


Health Breakthrough Workshop

Your second workshop of the day will be centered around Brilliant Health Transformations. Witness how the lessons you’ve learned in your past workshop can help you to guide your body and mind through a Brilliant Transformation. Witness how others in similar and with similar chronic conditions have combatted these issues in the past through Dr. Wilder’s guidance.


Guided Meditation Class

Join renowned mindfulness teacher Sarah Mclean and Dr. Wilder for a half an hour of guided meditation. Meditation is a healthy way to:
– Normalize blood pressure
– Improve immune function
– Slow the aging process
– Decrease insomnia
– Reduce anxiety, burnout, improves stress-related disorders
– Promote the experience of relaxation throughout the day
After this half an hour you will feel replenished, refreshed, and ready to create your Brilliant Health LifePlan in the final workshop!


Brilliant Health Breakthrough LifePlan

Enter your final workshop of the retreat and reflect on the day behind you. Work one-on-one with Dr. Wilder to create your personalized Brilliant Health Breakthrough LifePlan and Health Goals. Leave the retreat feeling transformed, renewed, and ready to kickstart your Brilliant Life. For those wanting to stay extra nights at the beautiful Boulders Resort & Spa, lodging discounts will be available exclusively for retreat participants!


Boulders Resort & Spa

We are hosting the Brilliant Health Breakthrough Retreat at the beautiful and relaxing Boulders Resort & Spa, located in Carefree, Arizona. The allure of the desert provides the perfect background for a day of health and wellbeing.

Register Now

Purchase your tickets today. Ticket price for the full-day retreat at Boulders Resort & Spa includes five health & wellness master classes, lunch and catered snacks for $1500.


I honestly wasn’t someone who valued feeling good each day. 

“Dr. Wilder continued to urge me to make changes to my diet and lifestyle so that I, too, would feel as good as I made sure my family felt. I was tired of feeling tired and rarely feeling good.  Her kind, dedicated persistence totally and completely empowered me to turn my health around. It’s been almost one year, my skin looks better, my hair is recovering, my joints no longer ache and I have energy all day. Susan Wilder, MD, and her incredible team literally, changed my life. They remain the driving force behind every choice I make today in terms of my health and well-being.” – Kim C.

Her advice and guidance are unmatched by others in the health care community.

“Dr Susan Wilder has been my primary care physician for over 10 years.  Her compassion and empathy is without peer.  I have significantly benefited from her assistance and direction. I am healthy and strong.  Many many thanks to her!” – Steve M.